If you are a T.I.M.E. student, then you will find all the question papers and their solutions in your student home page. Your T.I.M.E. center will also provide you. Thanks for the A2A. Completely depends on the number of test takers and your performance in the actual paper. You can’t simply extrapolate AIMCAT. Though I don’t believe in it, people (who teach in CAT coaching institutes) say that you can expect a percentile in the range of your AIMCAT %ile +- 5%ile.

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Here is the ugly truth that no one tells you about taking the CAT — in your quest of attempting as many questions as you can, aimcag are actually giving yourself more chances to screw up. The more questions you attempt — the greater the chances of silly mistakes and of missing the sitters. Which brings me to the most unpardonable sin you can commit in CAT — the greed of attempting more and more questions. And for this I present to you a simple solution: Leaving questions improves your score.

Of course, like everything else in life, this is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot indiscriminately skip questions and hope to improve your score. Most students and faculty aaimcat attempts as the numbers 20114 questions for which an answer was marked.

But my definition of attempts includes:. Pick up any Mock CAT Proctored or Unproctored that you attempted recently and identify the questions that you spent the most time on, you will be surprised to aiimcat that: These were the speed breakers that derailed you.

Most probably, if these questions had not been attempted, the unforced errors would have vanished.

aikcat You did not have time for these questions because you were not willing to leave those speed breakers. Exercises choice, attempts the easy questions, leaves questions that are difficult to crack and thus would have been a waste of time.

Because s he picks and chooses questions to leave, s he does not miss out on the sitters and scores precious marks. Akmcat he makes the full use of the one hour by selecting the questions judiciously and ends up with an attempt answers marked of simcat in a section. Misses out on IIM call: Also attempts questions but is able to mark answers to only around questions with wrong answers and misses sitters. CAT to If you feel that CAT to should not be considered as the pattern has changed and the level of difficulty of CAT is expected to be lower then have a look at CAT which is possibly the easiest CAT paper in the last 15 years.

Remember that CAT was the easiest CAT paper in 15 years and in this paper too aimcatt questions in each section was not a problem!

AIMCAT 1504-New: Scores And Discussion ~ (Invigilated: Oct 26-Nov 2, 2014)

With CAT expected to be slightly tougher leaving about 10 questions per section leading to an attempt of around 70 should be fine. Given that every question carries equal marks, you should be aimcxt the most difficult question types to ensure zero time wastage. In the next article of this series, I will discuss the four reasons as to why is it diffuclt to leave questions.

  DSC GS3055-I PDF

Mayank, please have a look at the IIM Profilizer. You zimcat bleak chances for top IIMs. If you have decided to show your experience from marchthen you should be able to give a logical reason for gap year during the interview. I just wanted to know if all this is worth it?

Sumit, given your profile you have bleak chances for IIMs. There are some B-school that consider a low or no academic scores while giving admissions.

Sir, I am taking Aimcay this year. Sir what to do…. Dushyant, aicmat sectional tests as many as possible. So, out of 32 questions, a range of aimcah of about should be good attempts. In terms of section wise, difficulty. With absolutely no changes in the CAT pattern, one could expect a slightly more challenging and intuitive paper.

Thus my graduation got extended by a year. Will i be able to get into a good b school? Denzil, considering your low academic score in graduation you have bleak chances for top IIMs.

However, if you are able to score good percentile in CAT, then aimczt are likely to get selected by top B-schools. This gap year will not create any hindrance if you can give logical reasoning for the same. I am currently pursuing BCA 2ndYear. Prabhat, you cannot change the past and thinking about it will only lead to de-motivation.

AIMCATs (Test Series)

Focus on your graduation to ensure good grades and start your CAT preparation asap. Call me at in case you want to discuss 2104 issue. Ashish, it is a relative question. The answer depends on the difficulty level of CAT exam. Since there are no major changes in Almcatthe exam is expected to be more difficult and intuitive. You need to work hard to increase your percentile to You can refer to our articles to ace verbal section.

Cat will be my first attempt and also i have to clear it this year.

Free AIMCAT examination for aspirants | education | Hindustan Times

I already have more than 2 yrs experience in IT firm. Vignesh, since it will be your first attempt, it is advised to target top B schools. BIM Trichy is decent, but you should aim aimdat top B-schools. As long as you can give logical reason for the gap, leaving job should not be a problem.

You should try to prepare aimcatt with it. Looking forward to your reply Sir. Parvez, your current work experience will be counted during placements.

There is no need to switch job. I expect a raw score of in CAT. What percentile I can expect in CAT. Any good college that will consider me based on Profile in south india…. Ravvichandran, please check your percentile using the CL percentile predictor.

The single-most unpardonable, gravest sin you can commit in CAT

The score is too low to get get colleges. Slim chance for IISc. Chayank, please mention your category. For general category, 18 marks will not lead to a 80 percentile in DILR. Satpadi, You can check your estimated CAT score and percentile at http: Hi sir, X- Rishabh, if you are a general category aimcwt, your QA percentile will be a bit of a spoiler. Calls from the New IIMs might not be possible. Ajay, you can now check your exact predicted percentile using the CL percentile predictor.


Questions attented in VRC is rite but i am not sure about the other 2 sections. Debasmita, you can fill up your attempts here in the CL Wimcat Calculator.

It will give you your score and an estimated percentile. Sir i can able to 204 in nmat upto marks in QA as my strength is arithmetic i am unable to solve algebra and geometry que of cl aimcar what shoud i prefer to maximize my algebra and geometry score?

This is a huge confidence booster, aimcaf in QA section. Deepak it depends on your accuracy and the Level of difficulty of the paper.

Sir, is there a specific strategy to scheduling the NMAT test that you can enlighten me about? Should it be taken before or after the CAT? Can you please tell me a rough estimate as to how many questions I should attempt and get right in order to secure about 95 percentile in CAT ?

In order to understand which questions you should attempt, always analyse your mocks to check which topics you are comfortable with. I have graduated in and have no work ex.

What sort of colleges should I target? Igave CAT last year and scored around 90 percentile. It will not be a problem as every year many students with gap year s make it to top MBA ai,cat.

Hi Sir, I am not very comfortable iamcat modern maths questions especially PnC and Probability and usually leave such questions. What is your advise on it?

Should I cover these topics till a certain level. Ashish, you can cover a great deal in PnC and Modern Math just by analysing the mocks well and seeing the solutions. This can be teamed up with a few tests on test Gym which you should take every second day. My performance in the Mocks is really amicat inspite of covering the concepts. I 201 able to solve questions while practicing but when it comes to the mocks, my efforts are futile.

Despite a lot of efforts, I am not improving at all. Please guide me how to improve over the same. HK, you must analyze your mocks to understand which areas are the weak areas for you.

You must revise these specific questions and these specific topics regularly. Start using smarter techniques of solving aaimcat. Sir, I am doing this same mistake.