APGO uWise questions. The uWise site is made by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and offers questions in sets of. – uWISE pap smear and cultures Legal/ethics Preventative care and health mgmt Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for. Welcome to uWise, the APGO Undergraduate Web-Based Interactive Self- Examination. This question interactive self-exam helps medical students acquire.

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During that time, I finished my obgyn rotation, went to St. Plus, it was my favorite block during my second year.

OBGYN Uwise Exam – AnkiWeb

For my 3 weeks of Ob, we started at 6AM and rounded on patients on the floor who had previously delivered. Morning report consisted of discussing patients on the floor and cases to be done that day.

If a patient was close to delivering, we would enter the room with the residents and help with the delivery.


I was able to deliver the placenta a few times, but unfortunately no babies. I did get the chance to see triplets on ultrasound, who were conceived without IVF! At the end of every day, usually around 4pm, we had lecture by one of the attendings. The goal was to hit high-yield information so that we would be prepared for the shelf exam.

Keep reading below for recommendations on resources for the exam! We had hour call 3 times during the rotation. They also responded to consults and scrubbed in on cases with the attendings.

How call went depended on how busy the night was. I read it twice for the shelf exam.

Learn Uwise

Obstetrics and Gynecology by Beckmann Amazon This book was recommended by the residents and the attendings to read during the rotation, but I ended up only using it as a reference. UW Obgyn questions It goes without saying that third years should have a UW subscription to do practice questions.


Compared to the shelf exam, UW questions were more questione and easy to read. The shelf exam vignettes were much longer and often had bits of irrelevant information, which was frustrating.

A tip I found useful during step 1 studying: The site was questiobs during my rotation, and from what I could tell you need your school to register in order to questiojs access to the questions the students from the Caribbean were unable to access the questions without paying a fee, and my classmates and I could only login with a specific link sent from our school. The question stems are only sentences long and test concepts, not vignettes.

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