PANARAY®. ® Series III. Loudspeaker. General Description. The Bose® Series III loudspeaker is a watt speaker designed for permanent. Get same day shipping on Passive Full Range Speakers like the Bose Panaray III Speaker at ProSound and Stage Lighting. Product reviews, live phone. 16 user reviews on Bose Series III. a little over a year, with bose amp series VI, the Panaray Digital Controller II and recently a box b (excellent.

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The technology is obsolete, but it is sturdy plastic box. The sound is awful to play music, and if the Bose dedicated processor greatly enhances the sound quality which falls far short of a modern systemit is at the expense of a permanent breath. Except for the sound to speak, outside in the rain, this place is of no interest!

Did you find this review helpful? I use these speakers for a little over a year, with bose amp series VI, the Panaray Digital Controller II and recently a box b excellent, very good down ppanaray.

Bose Panaray 802 Series III Loudspeaker

I use these speakers for a year with a bose series 6 amp sound systems for outdoor and large venues in castles and halls. What I like most about it is the Bose quality sound. Panarat sound like no other. Bass present good and pure sound even at high power.

Transporter two pregnant, alone, without breaking the back that could be better? There is nothing to say!

Bose Panaray Series III Loudspeaker | eBay

I also have two speakers wharfedale EVPX Wharfedale makes good products. Jii use them with my bose they work very well and the sound is okay. I prefer the bose just for transportation.

Yes I do it again this choice without pb! Sure it is expensive but the sound makes you shiver! I really encourage you to buy them!

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It will save you but you’ll go see what the real sound and see how you’ll be glad you invested in a hardware pro! iil

At each end of the evening people tell me that the sound was really on top! What people like in the evening it’s a sound not loud at high volumes. The bosf is about 20mx35m. Used at conferences, small concerts and galas dances. The sub is pasty and without dynamic speakers and very aggressive sound that quickly you push a little.

Maximum level reached in the rooms around 84dB A before the sound becomes unbearable.

All user reviews for the Bose 802 Series III

In addition, the bandwidth measured at 10 meters is approximately HzKHz for a single filter at the bottom with accidents on the sacred stage. Largely insufficient for a correct reproduction of music For if it is against to the conference, it does not work too bad, the voices go reasonably well and little coverage in some cases be very advantageous.

They have the advantage of being relatively homogeneous coverage.

To me these forums are for voice or for a small group playing vose in a small place or outdoor area, or they will fare pretty well. The legendarya small wonder, almost 30 years of existence!!! I animate only the speakers no need for subwoofers for more pers.

And all kinds of sounds! Small hps solid kevlar membrane, tight, solid body, BOSE sound, besides, I do not understand why some say that ‘they are not low and not enough return is just the opposite I put 10 because I kif grave and I have no intention to change gear. I get them in this week, however, I’ve listened several times outdoors in magazin etc! But I do not understand why some people say that there is no low??! In short, I expect to receive in order to make several tested and put a notice def Without the digital processor and with the BOSE proc.


I will update in a few weeks bosf In a fair, this feature allows you to move ahead without being stupid when that is happening right in line. This is not the HiFi, but the boxe is warm, because no Piezo screaming. And with a box B w rms behind”you are the king of the world. Panatay fact that the “bose ” are seen everywhere despite the excessive price may believe that this is trs Systm good quality.

J’tais starting to buy them but not without trying. I could couraging a comparative test with HK “premium” and dynacord “d 12″ My opinion? I would like to know why the such a success! Also at dynacord you for even cheaper than thethe iiii 15” which are W bise into three channels with a bandwidth of 50 Hz – 18 kHz.

At the edge of the clip, the sound is loud with a dominance in dsagrable Aiges. I find them, however, two qualities: But frankly, you would go to 2 times more for 2 times worse to want to win This type material in several versions I’ve listened to the same also in an individual who had a pair in stereo. L electron can correct everything that is Spread the word.

I put a convenience for easy transport to make noise wherever we souhaite. Une pregnant slight stiffness so sorely lacking in the sound of clinking glasses except to use materials from the aerospace titanium aluminum magnesium People are decidedly less difficult.

Bose Panaray Series IV B – Thomann Ireland

The quality of the product is trs good but I think the price is a epu lev. If I select new speakers, I would choose the same problem without Happy ending for and Journe. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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