As of the date of manufacture, the MPC-M10/2/25 has been tested and found to MPC Media Presentation Controller™: MPC-M10/20/ 1 .. MPC-MB-T. 3. Crestron MPC-M5-B-T Media Presentation Controller BLACK FREE SHIPPING Crestron Mpc-mb-t MPC Media Presentation Controller M10 Wall Unit. (1). Find great deals for Crestron Mpc-m10 MPC Media Presentation Controller M Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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A 3-gang wall mount Crestron control system with 10 programmable buttons, customizable backlit labeling, LED feedback, volume control knob, and 11 various control ports. Crestron MPC is a family of 2-Series control xrestron designed for installation in a wall or podium, delivering the industry’s best multimedia room control crestton in a convenient, space-saving design. Perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and training facilities, the MPC-M10 provides a fully-programmable user interface featuring an attractive and intuitive layout of pushbuttons with customizable backlit labeling, volume control, and wireless remote capability.

Available in white or black, the MPC-M10 is constructed to handle the rigors of everyday use in a corporate or educational environment. An assortment of programmable control ports provides connectivity for audio, video, and lighting equipment. Simplified The MPC-M10 is engineered to be easy to integrate and use, yet versatile enough to suit each application perfectly. Its 10 programmable “hard key” buttons can be freely programmed for system power, input source selection, transport control, lighting presets, and any other functions.


Vrestron backlit labeling of the buttons is crestton using an assortment of pre-printed labels or Crestron Engraver software.

Adjusting audio volume and other parameters is enabled using the continuous-turn control knob and LED bargraph. Uploading and updating a facility full of MPC systems is managed easily over the network, or individually via the front panel USB port.

Wireless Remote A range of options is available for adding wireless remote control to the MPC system. Its built-in IR receiver allows use of any Crestron IR wireless touchpanel or crestrln remote without requiring a separate receiver or gateway.

Built-in Control Ports Through its onboard control ports, the MPC-M10 interfaces directly with the video display or projector, DVD player or TV receiver, projection screen, lift, occupancy sensor, and other devices in the room.

Crestron Mpc-m10 MPC Media Presentation Controller M10 | eBay

Creshron and Video Control The MPC-M10 is ideal for small room systems utilizing crestrkn single display device with computers and other sources connected directly to it. But like any 2-Series control system, MPC is fully scalable to suit larger applications with several program sources, microphones, or even multiple displays.

The onboard Web server provides the foundation for Crestron’s exclusive e-Control 2 Xpanel technology, providing secure IP-based remote control. SSL encryption prevents hackers from breaching the system and accessing its controls.

Crestron Mpc-m10-b-t MPC Media Presentation Controller M10 Wall Unit

Ambient Light Sensor The MPC-M10’s built-in light sensor has a tb of uses, from controlling its own backlight intensity, to providing ambient lighting level data to a central building management system.


Rated for Volts DC, input impedance 20k ohms, logic threshold 1. Up to 50 ft line of sight typicaldependent upon angle, obstructions, IR interference, and IR remote signal strength.

Showing 1 – 8 of 8 1. Installation and Operations Guide.

Crestron MPC-M10 Control Panel » Classrooms | Blog Archive | Boston University

Crestron offers scalable, standardized classroom technology for ease of use and maintenance. Add a Crestron iLux lighting and shade controller to the MPC pushbutton controller to adjust lights and shades.

Provide the perfect presentation environment while conserving energy and saving money. Case Study – Microsoft World Headquarters Redmond, WA As Microsoft grew into the software giant it is today, its global facility m110 struggled with conference room availability issues.

Crestron MPC-M10 Control Panel

Microsoft required an industry partner that would collaborate, innovate, and adapt to changing conditions. Ultimately, Crestron was chosen as the one company that could offer the level of flexibility, integration and results required by Microsoft.

Media Presentation Controller, Black Discontinued.

Media Presentation Controller, White Discontinued.