Ley núm. 5, de 21 de enero de , que modifica el Decreto-ley núm. .. Adopción: | Fecha de entrada en vigor: | PRYL- El citado decreto crea el Programa del Censo Nacional de Salud Preventiva, con el . | Date d’entrée en vigueur: | PRYL weekly .. //original/fit_to_size/x/9efd2/?v=1.

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Within the terms of s. An Act to provide for the establishment of a Fund to generate revenue for the discharge of the pension liabilities of the Government.

Decree to amend and supplement the Decree No. 99483 and additions to the decrefo of occupational diseases [of ]as amended to Provides for organization and control of safety activities. Decree of 23 December amending the Insurance Obligation Act. The amendments of the Decree on limiting the circle of insured persons under the Sickness Funds Act relate to the age of dismissal and the shortening of the time of insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Regulation Employers are also obliged to report number of workers at the end of each quarter.

Regulations of concerning the organization and activities of the Labour Inspection. The decretk stipulates the methods that shall be used to detect the level of noise. Sets forth the establishment of occupational medicine services, their tasks evaluation of workplaces, participation in the choice of new equipment, verification of sanitary conditions Decree of 21 December establishing a percentile distribution of health decrfto costs between employer and employee as related to the Decree on percentile distribution of health insurance premiums for See also related Decree PB.

Decree of 24 November amending the Sickness Funds Act Designation of Compulsorily Insured Persons, in connection with the lapse of the grant of benefits under the Unemployment Assistance Act and the postponement of the abrogation of the decretl transfer allowance.


This decree 9943 the payment of health care costs of insured individuals in special homes for medical care, such as old-age pension homes, as well as in their private residences home care. Sets forth definitions, the use of names and brands, the provision of information, benefits, amendments, waiver of obligations, supervision, fines, and liability.

Provides for special courses on protection against nuclear energy and radiation in secondary technical and higher education establishments for students preparing to enter the nuclear sector. XIV of to the extent it applies to the Province of Sindh. Law of 30 Decrsto amending the Law on the Accessibility to Sickness Cost Insurances in connection with the annulation of the requirement of residence for certain categories of persons, as well as amendments of the rules with regard to the budget and the responsibility vervallen woonplaatsvereiste.

Law of 20 December amending the Law on the Disability Insurance of Independent Employees and other laws in connection with the introduction of a declaration of independence and the exclusion of the National Ombudsman and the substitute-ombudsman from the employees’ insurance. Paraguay – Seguridad social – Ley.

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This Decision, issued by the Minister of Public Health, concerns the organisation and the administration of preliminary and periodic medical examinations.

Decree of 14 December to amend the Decree on special sickness care insurance claims concerning the introduction 994388 an own income-dependent contribution. General provisions and scope, conditions for obtaining waivers from the basic standards on protection against radiation requirements for activities and sources of ionizing radiation, limits for permissible doses, secondary radiation limits and assessment of doses, and procedures to ensure protection in dedreto of accidental and chronical irradiation.


The Minister may, by Statutory Instrument, establish sanitary boards.

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West Pakistan Workmen’s Compensation Rules, Provides for the organization of protection against fire, requirements for protection on construction sites, requirements for electrical systems and devices, heating and ventilation.

Superannuation General Provision Act No. Act of 30 January establishing a new college of advisers to inform the Ministry of National Health, Well-being and Sport as well as both chambers of parliament on the developments in health services and related health concerns.

Among other obligations, the employer shall provide periodical regulated daily rest, medical eye examinations before starting work with visual display units, once every three years for workers aged up to 40 years and annualy for workers over 40 years of age art. Provides for the minimum requirements for safety conditions of employees working in explosive environment. Bulgaria – Occupational safety and health – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Order on work adaptation last amended in Protocol to the European Code of Social Security.

Conselho Nacional de Saúde

Defines persons who fall under the Instruction-Decree on persons insured under the Decree on the Sickness Fund, and also defines the basis of calculating benefits in case of decreho of benefits. Concerns the treatment by medical professionals of persons who are injured, including with respect to priority treatment, hospital care and transfers, and consent. Establece dos instancias colegiadas: La ley se estructura de la siguiente manera: