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Samples consisted of year 4 and year 5 clinical undergraduate dental students. One year of wearing orthodontic appliances made possible a further vertical eruption of the teeth and a considerable decreasing of the vertical inocclusion space Fig. In this context, we must ask ourselves what are the prevention theoretical and practical coordinates in orthodontics, which measures are available or could be elaborated for preventing the malocclusions development. Job conception was cited as the primary reason for pursuing dentistry, and the students considered oral health promotion and oral disease prevention as the primary purposes of dentistry.

Six domains with different criteria applicable to clinical teaching in dentistry were selected consisting of modelling four criteriacoaching four criteriascaffolding four criteriaarticulation four criteriareflection two criteria and general learning environment six criteria.

Advice to coaches of students in one of the youngest sciences. The intense muscular activity is associated with a higher sanguine intake, which assure to the maxillary bones better development conditions. Majority of the students expressed positive perceptions on their clinical learning experience towards the clinical teachers in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya, in all criteria of the domains.

No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Attitudes of Iranian dental students toward their future careers: Mitigating the impact of oral contamination, malocclusions and craniofacial ionecsu on psycho— social health and development.

However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution. Eighty five percent of the samples were right-handed, 9. Numeric tooth anomalies involving a fewer number of teeth hypodontia are considered dental dystrophies determined by disturbances during the odontogenesis stage.

Teaching at the Faculty of Dentistry in Casablanca and knowledge of oral hygiene seem to improve xentare practice of oral hygiene among dental students. In the next figure we present by antithesis a 30 years patient with the same type of open byte caused by tongue thrust ioneescu didn’t beneficiate of functional reeducation. Today it is known ionrscu oral breathing and head extension could affect the maxillaries growing, concurring to the dento—maxillary anomalies—maxillary compression.


The aim of this study is to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes regarding hygiene and oral health and oral health of students of the faculty of dentistry of Casablanca. A survey in the form of a questionnaire was conducted of senior These appliances have a double role, to remove the abnormal tongue forces and to reeducate the function. Leadership has been studied for the past four decades with ecateriba emphasis upon leadership and the transformation of vari- ous cultures, especially within the private sector.

Most of the female students planned to work in a group practice environment such as a clinic rather th First of these theories incriminates the modifications of the diet ecaterjna the alteration of masticatory activity, the second incriminates the factors which concur to the disturbance of the other functions which involve the dento—maxillary apparatus breathing, deglutition, speaking and the third which incriminates the vicious habits.

Moreover, histological studies showed that the activity level of the masticatory muscles adjusts the cranial and facial bones development, influencing not only the sutures growing but also the bone apposition and resorption 35.

The purpose of this study was to identify sources of stress and to evaluate stress levels among Turkish dental students and also to investigate the role of year of study and gender on perceived stressors.

A cross-sectional study of a group of out of response rate: From the above mentioned facts it is obvious that the adjustment of the cranio—facial growth is under a less strict genetic control; on the other hand, it seems to highly depend sentare the influence of several oro—facial functions, especially during the post birth period. Thus, for a long period of time, genetics has been primarily involved iionescu malocclusions.


Vicious habits An analysis of the factors that may interfere with the balance of the oro—facial equilibrium forces in the development of the dento—facial complex cannot exempt a group of influences, highly discussed during the malocclusions ethiopatogeny, known under the generic term of vicious habits. Marginalisation of dental students in a shared medical and dental education programme.


Lately, both craniofacial biology and clinical orthodontics have known an accelerated ionesfu, which justify a new ecaterkna of the prevention in orthodontics. The questionnaires assessed perceptions of the interaction between didactic and clinical content, the role of professors during the course, and their future professional practice in Brazil. In this respect, the vicious habits, particularly those of sucking and interposition representing a part of the modern lifestyle which is reflected by the decrease of breast feeding or other changes of the growing habits of the child, cause malocclusion, concurring to a higher frequency thereof.

Clustering analysis revealed three natural groups.

Dental Students Research Papers –

Proffit WR, Fields H. Comparison of technique errors of intraoral radiographs taken on film v photostimulable phosphor PSP plates. A cross-sectional survey using a self-administered questionnaire was conducted in 5 dental schools around the Klang Valley.

It is important to understand the motives of those choosing to study dentistry, because these motives may influence an This point of view that influenced both practical clinic and the orthodontics research is first of all based on the results of the studies on twins and the family problems. The importance of the questions on the precocious treatment has been analyzed, from the economic efficiency point of view, by Pulkinen and Pulli and later by Curzon, cited by Varrela and Alanen 5who has emphasized the necessity of comparing corrective or interceptive interventions with a traditional orthodontic type of therapy in a cost—efficiency analysis.

Prevention perspective in orthodontics and dento–facial orthopedics

InWHO published the Global Program for Oral Health Promotion in view of improving oral health during the 19 th century, program that emphasizes the fact that despite the great oral health improvement of the entire world population, the problems still persist, particularly for the disadvantaged groups.

A cross-sectional survey using a A questionnaire study of budding dentists in Central India. The factors related to masticatory, respiratory, vicious habits modifications or combination thereof are responsible with the emergence and the increase of the malocclusions.