Hicks slutsky income and substitution effect. 1. Price Change: Income and Substitution Effects; 2. THE IMPACT OF A PRICE CHANGE. -Slutsky: what if price changes but my purchasing power were (literally) to remain constant (i.e. I could still buy the exact same bundle as. effect can be done in several ways. Th i. h d. ◇ There are two main methods: (i) The Hicksian method; and. (i) The Hicksian method; and. (ii) The Slutsky method .

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In the Slutsky method, income can be calculated equal to cost-difference directly by studying market phenomena and behaviour, whereas the compensating variation in income is difficult to estimate.

People have different wants and needs. How to separate the income effect and substitution effect? Now the price of X falls and the consumer moves to point T of the tangency between the budget line PQ 1 and the curve I 2 His movement from point R to T is the price effect whereby he reduces his consumption of X by BE.

But in reality the consumer prefers the combination S to combination R on the budget line M 1 N 1because point S lies on the budget line which is tangent to a higher indifference curve I 2 than point R which lies on a lower indifference curve I 1.

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Either way, the SE is always negative, that is, a higher price for one good will tend to make consumption of that good lower.

In the case of a Giffen good, the positive income effect is stronger than the negative substitution effect so that the consumer buys less of it when its price falls. Assume that the price of commodity X decreases income and the price of other commodity remain constant. Hicksian demand functions are connected to the Marshallian demand functions which are then fundamentally related by the Slutsky equation.


Now the consumer shifts to another equilibrium point E 2where indifference curve IC 3 is tangent to the new budget line AB 2.

Difference Between Hicks and Slutsky

A change in the price of a commodity alters the quantity demanded by consumer. This is because he moves on to a higher indifference curve when the substitution effect takes place. At the same time, the new parallel price line A 3 B 3 is tangent to indifference curve IC 1 at point E 2. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. If X is an inferior good, the income effect of a fall in the price of X will be positive because as the real income of the consumer increases, less quantity of X will be demanded.

The substitution effect is always negative while the income effect can either be positive or negative. Assume that the price of one commodity falls.

It may be noted that when there is a fall or rise in the price of good X, the substitution effect always leads to an increase or decrease in its quantity demanded. This is the negative substitution effect which leads him to buy BD more of X with the fall in its price, real income being constant. Following Hicks, we draw a line MN parallel to PQ 1 so that the consumer is at the same real income level on the original indifference curve I 1 at point H on the budget line MN.


Its second effect is the income effect CD which moves him from point S to T.

Difference Between Hicks and Slutsky | Difference Between | Hicks vs Slutsky

Post as a guest Name. Any clarifications or attempts to approaxh me would be much appreciated. For this, the line M 1 N 1 is drawn in such a manner that it passes through point R. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature.

When X is an inferior good and its price falls, the substitution effect is greater than the income effect so that the consumer buys more of X when its price falls. An increase in the quantity demanded of commodity X is caused by both income effect and substitution effect. Substitution Effect Let us consider a two-commodity model for simplicity. Meaning and Assumptions With Diagram. As a result, the consumer buys AB more of X.

The Hicksian Method and The Slutskian Method

This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. Hence, the consumer moves to the new equilibrium point E 3where new budget line AB 2 is tangent to IC 2. On the other hand, for a Hicksian definition, the phantom budget line is drawn parallel to the approqch budget line change in price and lies on the original indifference curve on a different approadh of tangency.

Similarly, a fall in the price of bread raises the real income of consumers who substitute expensive food item for bread thereby reducing the demand of bread.