JEPPESEN NAVIGATION LOG. Aircraft. Number: Dep: Dest: Date: Clearance: Ident. FUEL. Dist. GS. Time Off. Check Points. (Fixes). Froq. Course | AllBudo| Mag. With JIFP, Jeppesen’s premier Internet Flight Planning solution, never worry about your aviation navigation charts being Account / Login. Aviation Jeppesen will continue to offer our PC-based FliteStar VFR and IFR flight planning solution. Learn about FliteStar – Jeppesen’s advanced electronic IFR / VFR general aviation flight planner software. Now available Account / Login FliteStar VFR and IFR are our PC-based flight planning software solutions for general aviation pilots.

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Many pilots create their own version in spreadsheet software to have control over how the information is organized, tailoring the format to their own specific needs.

After drawing your course, examine the terrain and airspace along your route. The solution will not only encompass everything found in JIFP, but there is a lot more capability being added and in-work. To learn more jjeppesen FliteStar, please visit our online solution page hereor you may purchase FliteStar via our JeppDirect online store.

IFR Flight Planning

This is a westerly course, requiring an even altitude plus ft. Compare features in the table below to see which version contains the features you need. If you unfamiliar with the station identifiers, searching for the identifer jeppsen flight planning website such as AirNav.

Determine if specific altitudes have a favorable headwind or unfavorable tailwind. Click the button below to ir started today! MC Magnetic Course The angle between your course and magnetic north.


To learn more about flight planning through FliteStar, please: A navigation log lof a tool that you use to guide your preflight planning, and a plan that you execute igr flight.

Westerly variations are found east of the agonic line, because magnetic north liest west of true north from any position east of the agonic line. Are there any types of special use airspace, MTRs, parachute operations, wilderness areas, obstructions, or other unique features?

Your Quick Start Guide! CH Compass Heading This is the compass heading you will fly for a specific leg of your flight in your specific airplane. Are there airports along your route of flight that are suitable for diversion? However, we will maintain and support unexpired customer subscriptions through December 31, Obstacle Clearance — Compare the field elevation of your departure airport, destination airport and all terrain and obstructions 10 miles each side of your planned course to determine the height of the tallest obstruction.

FliteStar Computer-Based Flight Planning

This means we should use the Standard Temperature column in the cruise performance chart. Americas or Asia Pacific: Round this up to 8. Aero Phoenix Aero Products R. FliteStar is offered in three anv versions to provide the flexibility of features you need suited to your flight planning needs: We can also determine our TAS and fuel burn rate.

Seal Dynamics Seal Dynamics I. Identify Checkpoints Checkpoints should be clearly identifiable landmarks along your route of flight, jfr every miles. We now have a plan to initiate our descent for Nuttree lgo 3 minutes after crossing our Sacramento Executive airport checkpoint. The optimum cruise altitude for any flight depends on a number of factors. You can check out the other versions of this planner, as well as pilot submitted versions here.


Orcon Corp Organic Product. They will also serve as triggers for making radio announcements at a uncontrolled field, or establishing contact with the tower at a tower controlled field.

Starting inthe web-based flight planning application will be powered by Jeppesen. Our premiere general aviation flight planning software provides: Request a Free Catalog. Also, you may want to make changes to what information you include in the navigation log, or use a different navigation log format.

Request a Free Catalog. After you have flown this flight, think about how the experience of preparing the navigation log aided situational awareness in flight. Find the reporting stations along your route of flight. Winds Aloft — Compare the true course for your flight with the winds aloft.

When information is entered into the basic model format, the FliteStar application interpolates or extrapolates additional data points for the given weight or performance settings. Want to get a jump on all the options, resources and information available at Jeppesen.

The optimum cruise altitude for any flight depends on a number of factors.

Jeppesen Internet Flight Planner (JIFP)

This results in a good minimum altitude for this flight of ft MSL. Which Model is for You?

Look for an isogonic line on the sectional chart closest to the drawn course. This is a westerly course, requiring an even altitude plus ft.