Full name: John Herbert Varley was born in Austin, Texas. He grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, moved to Port Arthur in , and graduated from. Titan (Gaea) [John Varley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twenty years ago, the Gaean Trilogy dazzled critics and readers. Now a new. Titan: a world inside a world. Outside it was a vast, wheel-shaped construct orbiting Saturn; inside – it was impossible, bizarre, an endless landscape inhabited.

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Generally considered SF, this book has a lot of fantasy in it.

I raised an eyebrow when the water seemed to be drinkable and all the berries, animals, etc. It was, in fact, one of these regional intelligences that had captured the Ringmaster and altered its crew. varlfy

There they find April, who has been transformed into an angel. It almost feels cheap. A mind that calls out to explorers, transforming all who enter. I went on to read everything else written by John Varley, and have never been disappointed. Articles needing additional varkey from September All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata. Nov 29, Judy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Locus Award for Best Novel. Gaea Trilogy 3 books by John Vvarley.

I was reminded of Bear’s Eon at first until I realized that Titan came first and the whole tunnel of alternate dimensions doesn’t show in Titan, either. The crazy setup with the fantasy elements comes to a logical conclusion.


Science Fiction Hyperdrive: Review of The Gaea Trilogy by John Varley (Titan, Wizard, Demon)

They are scattered through the work like so many Easter eggs. The Titanide-Angel war was the result of her having seen war movies, and realizing that humanity will inevitably declare war on her. It takes so long for them to appear in this book.

This is book 1 of one of my very favorite sci-fi trilogies. Discover new books on Goodreads. Cherryh Hyperion by Dan Simmons Johb 16, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: As they get closer and start to describe it, I thought Ringworld not one of my favourites. Definitely worth the read. Locus Award Best Scie 1. It’s a fun and easy read. Something had to be done.

It was surprisingly varleu to read. Mar 07, Paul Baker rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cover of first edition hardcover. Were the creators of the tv series inspired by this team of strong women?

She explains that the great wheel is very old, and some of the regional intelligences around the rim have rebelled against the center. Gaea is an interesting paradox. There was already so much going on.

The main difference between Gaea and Pandora, however, is that while Pandora is a subtle goddess who hides in the background, Gaea, as written by John Varleyhas the personality of a Greek god. The war is a way for her to practice. The crew is rendered unconscious and later wake up inside the habitat. They are genuinely strong and diverse. Pandora, too, had some semblance of a sentient mind.

I thought it would be difficulty since Fitan had started to read it several times already, but never got past the first few pages. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


This epic trilogy was the first thing I thought of when I saw the previews to the movie Avatar and I was so bummed when I realized that I was not looking at the broad face of a Titanide, but another creature from another story.

Titan (Gaea, #1) by John Varley

I’ve seen Varley’s Gaea books referenced number of times with respect to great works of “world building”- like Dune, Middle Earth, etc. You’ll find lesbians, naked-climbing and nude-parachuting “nice angle”, lolthe usual rape scene and sex in space descriptions, here. I only found some of the technical world descriptions confusing and garley to google some pictures of the BDO.

Jul 15, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: A couple of them have a different personality, e.

Gaea trilogy

His blimp’s name is Whistlestopin human terms. But necessary for the story, I guess Jojn had the same reaction to C. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. None of the human characters left much of an impact on me and the overall explanation view spoiler [ of the TV-addicted Gaea hide spoiler ] is ridiculous verging on absurd, but the overall experience is imaginative, playful a bit sexy uohn a lot of fun!