During this relative dry spell for 8th edition 40k, we asked ourselves how would you like to see a Kroot and Vespid Codex come out?. Today we discuss the the carnivorous mercenaries from Pech, and every Fire Warrior’s best friend – Kroot Carnivores. Responsible for negotiating the contracts that their kroot brethren fulfill, Kroot Shapers help coordinate strategies with their employers as well.

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Do you want a kroot codex Yes! Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore.

Times and dates in your local timezone. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. So it seems like every now and then I’ll see “I want a Kroot codex” ocdex up. Now the one tau player I play with has zero interest in them, and I don’t blame him.

Models are all in resin and they just look like chaff to me. So is there a demand for a more fleshed out Kroot codex? Or is this a small minority of players?

Personally I’m indifferent, I know if they did make new models they would look really nice, but I still wouldn’t have interest in them. I don’t trust GW to know how to make a Kroot codex that’s anything more than an uninspired mess. Tau have a gold mine of potential in their Auxiliaries and yet each edition of the game has those models are left behind with some very poor or boring rules. I would love for the Tau to have a deeper roster of alien auxiliaries but only if they actually play in an interesting way and not just act as more covex versions of other units.

Yeah I understand the demand for a Tau auxiliaries supplement and that’s something I can get behind too. Because there are more than Kroot and vespids, Tau would have access to psychic powers with Nicassar. And I think Tau could use some psychic defense. As with every other minor faction, it’d be a mediocre book and people would complain about not being able to win Adepticon with it, or why it has so few units, etc. There are already too many codices in existence, we don’t need even more. Codeex should be working on re-combining codices rather than issuing the flavor-of-the-month special snowflake armies.

If GW were to expand Kroot, I would vastly prefer that it be done within the Tau codex, because buying books is boring.

BUT, the Tau cocex is already out so any new changes would require a new book of some sort. That said, a Kroot codex with fully fleshed out units would be amazing IMO. A couple HQsa carnivore kit with builds, krootoxen with gun options, knarlock riders with various guns options, something new Krolt, Kroot shouldn’t be cheap chaff, but rather heavy hitting but fragile units. Even though I only play mono Tau right now, playing a diverse kroot ally detachment would be great.

Even playing mono kroot would be cool.

Expanding the options available to Xenos is always good. We’ve already had Kroot Mercs as an army before now – take that as the base idea which would require a couple of new kits, and a fezand add a couple of bits, and it could be a fun little army. And – let’s face it – the Kroot are the only good thing the Tau have added to 40k anyway. Latest blog post – Unboxing: Gamgee on Tau Players wrote: If anything, I would rather see a shift away from Hero Hammer with Superman A in power armor versus Superman B where the rest of the army is chaff to be forced upon a player.


Back when the RT book first came out, the games were focused on the army itself. Leaders had marginal stat increases and were part of a chain of command required to field troops. I stopped playing for a long time right before second ed came out and when I returned a few years ago, it felt like the entire purpose of an army was to justify the most rules lawyered, overpowered characters that could be wedged into a force.

There was recently a huge drama about some poor schmoe who used a fancy named character in his army that was literally just a repaint and shoulderpad variant of its founding Legion who was disqualified for his dubious ways.

The error was not in taking a overpowered special character, but instead he took him without the pay to win requirements demanded of the game creators. Meanwhile a panalopy of stupidly OP alternate Supermen were technically available to him if he had just painted his guys all red instead. I want armies that rely on the troops. I am beyond caring about coldstar commander armies that bent rules so bad it required a rewrite by the creators.

Spamming ten generals must seem like a great game to many, but I just can’t see what changed the game away from what it started as.

Kroot would make an amazing, fun army to play, with a massive shift in the whole approach to combat. Likewise, Sisters need to ditch the Saint Celebrity and focus on their special style of combat if they are re-released.

Orks need their original fun loving brutishness to return as the Boys go to coodex. Even Marines need to step away from the starting lineup of hilariously written characters who sneak, charge, fight and shoot as if they were the stars of kids cartoons. And if they have to keep adding more Marvel Space Heroes to the game, at least the Kroot could provide some fun options.

Kroot are awesome and have been for a long time. I hope the rumors are real and while I am wishing for the unlikely, let’s ditch the OP supermen lurking in each army. Balance might be easier to achieve without the need to fight the random human who can kill titans.

I am learning to paint! I wouldn’t really see the need for a whole new codex, but instead they could just throw in some new kroot units lroot a chapter approved or white dwarf.

Never challenge an Armenian to a game of chess. Everything that’s not another imperium faction is good for the game. I think the kroot codex if its true has a tonne of potential. The Kroot are quite unlike most of the other factions and are exactly what a games designer would want in codsx of a “gap in the market” faction. IF they were going to give them a custodes-like treatment i oroot they could release some truly awesome models, corex at the sea elves- riding turtles n gak, cocex imagine that with hulking space dinosaur wolf things!


Just take the kashykk scenes from star wars episode 3, Avatar and last of the mohicans and you’ll have all the IP you need to rip-off to create an awesome model range and background. Kroot fluff cdex pretty cool but their models just don’t cut it for me.

Maybe if they had new plastic releases I’d consider building up an allied detachment but even then seeing every major faction released first should be a priority. Though a lot of xeno’s probably just don’t ally very well fluff wise Even so-called evil people will aspire to follow a moral path when kroof feel a sense of community.

  DA PAM 40-501 PDF

I voted no because the last thing we need is another codex. I like Kroot and wouldn’t object to getting more models and rules in Codex Tau where they belong. But this whole splintering of factions into mini-factions thing GW got going is bogus and needs to stop. I’m obviously in favor of a Kroot codex, not so much for playing but for new models. When I did play a lot with the chapter approved list, they were like reverse orks S4 instead of T4 with Catachan-esque tricks and terrain bonuses.

It would be nice to see them get back to that, but I worry that the weak statline in the Tau codex is here to stay. A Kroot warrior should behave more like a Wych rather than a guardsman, in regards to rules. Independent Kroot codex gets a big meh from me. However, if they were to introduce a mercenaries codex that had several races and units not just kroot that would be awesome. I would absolutely love to see a Kroot codex. They’ve been one of my favorite models in the range for years and I used to play with the Kroot Merc list way back when.

Ynnari Kroot Mercenaries (Female Kroot August 29) – Forum – DakkaDakka

There are very few codexes that would inspire me to purchase a whole new army as quickly as a Kroot codex. Not every faction needs their own book, merely a section of a larger book.

Space Marines, for example, could easily kroott written to include all chapters including Blood Angels and Dark Angels It would be a big book, but well worth it. Space Wolves are the only chapter that probably wouldn’t fit, but since Deathwatch and Grey Knights are still “Space Marine” and have a smaller number of units, you could easily put them in the same book.

Kroot, like GSCcan be their own faction, but that doesn’t mean they get their own separate book. But obviously this is jroot the way GW wants to do things, so while the Indexes allowed me the briefest hope of knowing all the rules, the release of Codex after Codex has essentially priced me out of competitive play.

You cannot cdoex a “Take All Comers” army with you have no idea what “all comers” are capable of. This krlot adds to players wanting to spam specific units as it increases the chance that the opponent will not be able to counter coedx units and they will be less likely to be taken off guard. While I don’t really care if they get a codex I wouldn’t say to anyone they’re wrong for wanting one.

Codex T’au: Chowing Down with Kroot Carnivores – Bell of Lost Souls

I’d like to see a Codex: Kroot Mercs, and Codex: All the xenos species could use expansion and allies. Chaos has four at the moment, and Tyrannids have 2ish. Tau, Necrons, and Orcs getting boosted to three each would give them more flexibility, and flesh out their factions. Granted I’m not sure how one would go about expanding orcs Maybe a freebooters codex?

ISo no, you cannot realistically do this. Balance becomes a issue–and quite frankly, so does the fact that apparently they can’t realistically do this. Try to make an all Skitarii force out of AdMech. The reason you can’t make a pure skittles army is that GW won’t give you an HQ code, not because such an HQ couldn’t be conceived or has no place in a Krkot codex.

Ckdex for, again, the Kroot are allowed a level of freedom that “enslaved races” aren’t given.