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Adopción: | CANL An Act respecting bene‚ts for members of the Canadian Forces. Canadá – Categorías especiales de trabajadores – Ley. Adopción: | DNKM Dinamarca – – Ley. Act respecting the sharing of vocational training expenses between employers. No. TicketsNow – Buy and sell tickets online at TicketsNow, offering concert tickets, theater tickets, football tickets, baseball tickets, Broadway tickets and more!.

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Notification of the Act [No. Dinamarca – – Ley. An Act to amend various enactments respecting the protection of workers safety delegates, employment of young persons, accident statistics, workers’ 134333 funds, etc. Privacy policy About Wythepedia: Views Read View source View history.

Retrieved from ” http: Safety inspectors are trained and examined in accordance with the type of mining activity. Autorisations et titres miniers Titre 3: Agreement on the benefits granted in the event of sickness, pregnancy and childbirth, with Final Protocol. Notification of the National Pensions Act [No. Notification to lay down rules for employers’ contributions to disability pensions.

Notification respecting the conditions of admission to vocational training institutions.

Doc. 2: La Ley de la memoria historica (extract)

The George Wythe Encyclopedia. De la conciliation arts.

Free consultations and hospital care; repeals Act No. La Ley de la memoria historica extract. Notification respecting seamen’s books, the mustering of seamen, etc. Act respecting the legal status of workers in the event of the transfer of lej undertaking.


Notification of the Act respecting disability pensions, and for other purposes.


Notification respecting the national pension payable to persons between the ages 113433 55 and 60 years. Notification to make provision for the election by the staff of the members of the boards of management of joint-stock and other companies with share capital, and for other purposes.

The first part of the document lays down general provisions concerning infrastructure, qualification of personnel and emergency procedure. Act respecting medical care in the event of pregnancy and the assistance provided to women on their confinement. Greenland Home Rule Act No.

Notification respecting leave pay. Notification of the Annual Leave Act.

Canadian Forces Act, [, c. Dinamarca – – Ley Notification of the Act [No. Some of the cases pey appear in his early recordings occur only a few years after his birth, therefore it is clear that at least some of lry reports are retrospective. An Act to prohibit all discrimination based on race, etc. It distinguishes between those who are entitled to compensation those who were defrauded or their heirs and “persons who are responsible” the State or persons having possession of the property in question.

It describes the kind of compensation that is due, the methods for its allocation, and the necessary settlements; it also provides for a general inventory of property.


This Notification, which contains ten parts, provides for health and accident prevention in mining and other underground activities. Act respecting the prolongation of collective agreements and contracts, etc. Changes the rules for calculations in consequence of the incorporation of supplements in 31433 basic amount of pensions.


Notification of the Act [cf. Notification respecting the public sickness insurance of seamen, and for other purposes.

This Law has as its objective the recognition and extension of rights in favour of those who suffered persecution or violence, for reasons of politics, ideology or for religious beliefs, during the Civil War or the Dictatorship, to promote their moral redress and the recovery of their personal and family memory, and to adopt complementary measures designed to suppress elements of division between citizens, all this with the object of fostering cohesion and solidarity between the various generations of Spaniards with respect to principles, values and constitutional liberties.

Ldy respecting the classification, packing and marking of dangerous substances. Certain provisions of the above cited Act of 3 May are repealed. The provisions of the Labour Code to the effect that an organisation can give notice of recall only after previous consent of the appropriate union organ art.

Du recrutement et de la formation professionnelle arts.